The Testimonials of Our Successful Happy Customers!

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# "I got to know about DirectHome's Cash Back Program after being relocated to Singapore recently. I received $27,472 in cash after purchasing my first overseas property (in Singapore). I will strongly recommend DirectHome to all my friends who are looking to buy new properties!" #

Jennifer Lu, Expatriate, MNC
Received $27,472 in cash after purchasing her first overseas property in Singapore.
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# "I was skeptical at first because I’ve never heard of getting cash back when one buys a new property. But it really turned out to be true! I’m very happy to have received cash back of $26,650 from the property I bought in 2017. Now we have more budget for our renovation and furniture! Thank you DirectHome!" #

Benny Yao, Singaporean, Vice President, Investment Bank
Received $26,650 in cash after purchasing his new property through DirectHome.
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"We got very good response and many potential buyers came for viewings the following week. I would definitely recommend DirectHome to our friends and relatives who are looking to sell because we received tremendous help and services from them."

Ms Diana Song
Saved more than S$20,000 with DirectHome Express Sale Listing
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"DirectHome turned out to be fantastic. The steps are available on the website to guide you along. Comparatively, it could be the same process (as going through an agent), but you actually save a lot more through DirectHome."

Mr Vince Foo
Saved more than S$2,000 with DirectHome Express Rental Listing
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"When we contacted DirectHome, instead of directing us to the website to "have a look", they offered us personalized services. We saved about $8,000, it really helped us with our renovation costs. I have already recommended my friends to use DirectHome."

Ms Angela Loh
Saved more than S$8,000 with DirectHome Express Sale Listing
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