Negotiation & Making an Offer

Make an offer with Letter Of Intent (LOI), together with the good faith deposit on that dream home!

When you have zoomed in to that dream home to rent, make your offer with the Letter Of Intent (LOI) form coupled with the good faith deposit (see how to fill LOI for more info).

This LOI is an offer that states out the main considerations (rental amount, no. of years of rent, etc) and requests ( dryer to be provided etc).

This LOI is to be filled by you. This LOI, together with your good faith deposit, are to be presented to landlord for his consideration to accept.


Letter of Intent (PDF)

Letter of Intent Sample (PDF)

Find out how to fill LOI.

If your terms in the LOI are agreeable by the landlord, landlord will sign on the ACCEPTANCE section of the LOI and keep your one month of rental (i.e. good faith deposit) as part or full amount of the deposit, depending on the lease period.

The landlord will pass this accepted and signed LOI to you.

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