Accept the Letter of Offer from the Bank

Call the banker whom you had the In Principal Approval for your loan and let him know that you have gotten the OTP and would like to accept the Leter of Offer (LO) from the bank. Remember to quote "DirectHome" to receive your $80 voucher from us.

Make an arrangement with the banker to sign this LO.

If you are taking a mortgage loan from a bank, pls check with the banker that the law firm that you are using is under the bank's panel of lawyers. This is to prevent having to pay 2 sets of legal fee in your purchase of your property.

Appoint a Law Firm

After you have received the OTP from the seller, you have to appoint a law firm to act for you in the conveyancing of the property and to exercise your OTP at the law firm.

DirectHome has partnerships with the various reputable law firms. Pls click on Law Firm or go under Tools to select a law firm to act for you. These law firms are under the panels of most banks.

Pls quote your DirectHome Reference Number (DRN) when you make the call to the selected Law Firm to receive preferential rate on your legal fee.

Your appointed lawyer (under bank's panel of lawyers) will liaise with your bank to disburse your mortgage loan.

Your law firm will discuss with you on how you want to use your CPF and cash for the purchase. Stamp Duty has to be paid to "Commissioner of Stamp Duties" in IRAS.

Your law firm will act for you through to your property purchase completion.