Submitting Resale Application Via HDB Resale Portal

You and the seller (or the salesperson) can proceed to submit the resale application after you have exercised the Option to Purchase (OTP). There are 2 important time-specific requirements to observe when submitting your resale application:

type requirements
(i) Submission by the second party within 7 calendar days Either you or the seller can submit the respective portion of the resale application first. After the first portion is submitted, the second party must submit their portion within 7 calendar days. If this is not done, the application will lapse and both parties will have to restart the process.
(ii) Submission of application to HDB (according to Clause 12 of the OTP) Under Clause 12 of the OTP, you and the seller will agree on the timeframe to submit your resale application to us.

This is a contractual agreement between you and the seller. The timeframe can be extended with mutual consent.

Resale Application Fees

Buyers and sellers must submit their respective portions of the resale application to HDB via the HDB Resale Portal. You will each pay an administrative fee (inclusive of GST) of $40 or $80, depending on the flat type.

Flat Type Resale Application Administrative Fee*
(Payable by buyer and seller)
1 and 2-room $40
3-room and bigger $80

You can make payment online through the HDB Resale Portal via credit card (Visa or MasterCard), and via GIRO when using the Estate Agent Toolkit.

Upon receipt of the resale application and supporting documents, HDB will verify the information provided by the seller and yourself. You and the seller should make sure that both of you meet all the eligibility conditions and resale requirements when submitting your resale application. If the application is in order, we will notify you and the sellers of our acceptance of the application via SMS/ email. On average, it will take about 8 weeks from the date of our acceptance of the resale application, to process the application.