Review any offers stated in the Letter Of Intent (LOI) that come in!

When the rental price is right, accept the LOI together with the good faith deposit.


Letter of Intent (PDF)

Letter of Intent Sample (PDF)

Find out how to fill LOI.

When there are any potential tenants who are interested to rent your house, these tenants have to make their offers via a Letter Of Intent (LOI) form.

This LOI is an offer that states out the main considerations (rental amount, no. of years of rent, etc) and requests (dryer to be provided etc).

This LOI is to be filled by the tenant, not you.

This LOI, together with the good faith deposit, will be presented to you for your consideration to accept.

Review these considerations and requests in the LOI. When all these terms are agreeable by both you and tenant, you may accept the LOI by signing it.