Obtain HDB Approval to Rent Out the Flat

You must obtain HDB's approval before you rent out your flat. You can submit your application through one of these channels:

An administrative fee of $20 applies for each application.

If the flat owner is overseas during the rental period, a certified true copy of the Power of Attorney must be lodged with the High Court and submitted with the application. Please consult your solicitor to prepare the Power of Attorney according to HDB’s standard format.

You must notify HDB of any changes in the rental within 7 days of its occurrence. These include changes to your tenants’ particulars or if your tenants move out of the flat. For the inclusion of new tenants, you must obtain HDB’s approval for the change of tenants before they can move into the flat.

The renewal of an existing approval to rent out a flat is considered a new application, and will be assessed according to the policies and regulations.

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