Filling up the TA (1)

  1. Date where landlord and tenant signed this TA.
  2. Name & Identification no. of landlord/s.
  3. Name & Identification no. of tenant/s.
  4. Full address of rental premises.
  5. Rental period. Minimum rental period is 6 months. Maximum rental period is 3 years for Singaporeans or Malaysians, and 2 years for non-Malaysian non-citizen.
  6. Monthly rental payment date and amount. This is to be paid on or before the start of every month of tenant's stay.
  7. Bank account details of landlord. Tenant is advised to set up a Standing Instruction for internet-banking transfer to landlord.
Tenancy agreement hdb 1

Filling up the TA (2)

  1. Security Deposit The market practice for rental deposit is as follows: 1 year lease: 1 month of rental amount as Deposit. 1.5 year lease: 1.5 month of rental amount as Deposit. 2 year lease: 2 month of rental amount as Deposit.
  2. 4e: Pls highlight this term to tenant. All aircon units must be serviced once every 3 months. When tenant does so, and in event that the aircon breaks down, landlord has to be responsible to repair the aircons. However, if tenant cannot provide the proof of servicing, the cost of this repair will be borne by tenant instead.
Tenancy agreement hdb 2

Filling up the TA (3)

  1. 4f: Within 30 days from commencement date of lease, landlord has to be responsible for all repairs. This is a standard 30 day warranty to the tenant. However, if the repairs or replacement necessitated is due to the Tenant’s negligence, it shall be borne in full by the Tenant. After this 30 day warranty, this minor repairs clause kicks in.
Tenancy agreement hdb 3

Filling up the TA (4)

No input required.

Tenancy agreement hdb 4

Filling up the TA (5)

  1. Diplomatic clause is only given to tenant who is foreigner and with a minimum rental period of 14 months. The market practice is that the foreigner tenant has to stay for 12 months and to give the landlord 2 months notice i.e. a total of 14 months minimum, before tenant can terminate this tenancy, only if tenant is ceased to be employed in Singapore. Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident will not have diplomatic clause. Pls delete this clause if tenant is Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident or the rental period is 14 months and less.
Tenancy agreement hdb 5

Filling up the TA (6)

  1. 6l: Stamp duty is to be paid by tenant. Download & use IRAS Stamp Duty Calculator to calculate the amount.
Tenancy agreement hdb 6





Filling up the TA (7)

  1. Sign off by landlord/s, tenant/s and a witness with full name and identification no. (NRIC, Passport no. or Pass no.). The witness can be anyone age 21 and above.
  2. Input in the registered occupier/s name, Identification no. and passport no.
  3. Initial on the bottom right-hand side of all pages by landlord/s and tenant/s.
Tenancy agreement hdb 7