Do you really need a property agent?

13 Jul 2017 Money , Insight

Have ever wondered if you really needed a property agent to sell or rent your home? This article will help you decide. Hint: One of the options involves you saving lots of money!

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How I saved $20,000 bypassing a property agent

13 Jul 2017 Money , Insight

Third time’s the charm. With DirectHome, retiree and third-time home-seller Hernie Lim enjoyed massive savings and fuss-free online transactions. Here’s how she did it.

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Property market set for digital shake up. Here's what you need to know.

13 Jul 2017 Trend , Insight

Digital disruption has changed the way we eat, shop and commute. Up next? How we buy, sell and rent our property. Here’s why the next big-ticket item you buy online could be your dream home.

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What is an Exclusive Agreement? Should you sign one with a property agent?

21 Jun 2017 Insight

Unsure about whether to engage an exclusive property agent? Find your answers here!

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Why do you get more buyers or tenants when you conduct your own viewing?

13 Jun 2017

These are the never-been-told reasons as to why it is better for you to do your own viewings instead of engaging property agents.

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How to Make Your Listing More Attractive?

02 Jun 2017

Have an amazing house? Do it justice by posting a listing that is just as amazing!

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Why Using Express Listing Gets Your Property Sold/Rented

18 May 2017 Insight

A simple guide to understanding Express Listing and how it adds value to your property transaction!

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Home-seller’s Series: What is Worth Fixing Before Selling Your Property

21 Feb 2017

Are you considering making minor renovations to your property before putting it on the market? We're here to tell you which affordable fixes could potentially increase the saleability of your home!

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The Benefits of Buying a Resale Home

10 Feb 2017

To buy a new BTO flat from HDB, first-hand condominium from developers or a resale property from the open market? These are some points you might want to consider.

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Neighbourhood Watch Series: Punggol & Sengkang

26 Jan 2017

All the way at the end of the Northeast Line, Punggol and Sengkang are areas often neglected, yet, there’s plenty more to experience in this quiet estate.

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5 Photography Tips to Improve the Chances of Selling Your Home

10 Jan 2017

By following these tips, your property photographs will surely be worth a thousand words in the best way possible!

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What You Need to Know About Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty

05 Jan 2017

A quick guide for home-buyers about Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty.

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What You Need to Know About Seller’s Stamp Duty

21 Dec 2016

A quick guide for home-sellers about Seller's Stamp Duty.

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The 10 Best Food Centres in Singapore

13 Dec 2016

Always looking for ways to help you in your search for your new home, DirectHome has rounded up a list of the 10 best food centres to guide you in your neighbourhood selection process.

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10 Ways DirectHome Improves the Home-buying Experience

10 Dec 2016

You can easily transact a property on your own now. Questions? DirectHome is here to support you.

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Neighbourhood Watch Series: Woodlands, Sembawang & Admiralty

03 Dec 2016

When one thinks of Woodlands, Sembawang or Admiralty, their distance from downtown is normally what first comes to mind. Yet, there is more to our island’s northern neighbourhoods than meets the eye.

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The 10 Estates Closest to Singapore’s Best Schools

19 Nov 2016

Your guide to the 10 estates that'll give your family access to our country's best national schools.

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Neighbourhood Watch Series: East Coast

04 Nov 2016 Trend , Leisure , Insight

By exploring popular neighbourhoods that feature prominently in our listings, we hope to provide prospective homebuyers a better idea of some of the highlights within a specific area of Singapore.

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10 Ways DirectHome Improves the Home-selling Experience

24 Oct 2016 Insight

We'll tell you why using the DirectHome platform makes the home-selling experience better!

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How to conduct viewing of your own property?

26 Apr 2016 Insight

Conducting a viewing of your property is as easy as ABC, especially when it is your home you are talking about! Basically 3 points to showcase your own property like a pro!

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How to DIY to sell my property?

26 Apr 2016 Insight

The property industry is opaque in its transaction, and information on the process flow is tightly guarded by property agents because of the high commissions involved. To KISS (keep it short simple) the truth, it is easy to Do-It-Yourself!

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Does private property buyer really don’t have to pay commission to his property agent in Singapore?

16 Apr 2016 Insight

When a buyer is looking to buy a resale or a sub-sale private property in Singapore and engages a property agent, the agent would tell his buyer that he “does not need” to pay any commission.

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Market rate commission & how it affects the actions of property agent

14 Apr 2016 Insight

As we have competition law in Singapore, the market rates for property agent's commissions are more of the "have been always" rates that we are accustomed to. Discover how the commission affects the actions of property agents...

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